January 2015

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Staff


Business Briefs

By Staff



Iowa is home to two ethanol plants currently producing cellulosic ethanol and one that is nearing construction completion. Another notable project is algae production colocated with a corn-ethanol plant.

JMP, a data analysis software from SAS Institute, can help ethanol producers get a jump on plant efficiency and profitability.

Ethanol Producer Magazine digs into the details of ethanol production in Iowa and how the industry got started.

Quality control depends on accurate test results, but how do ethanol labs control their own quality?

The biofuels mobile education center is a 45-foot long trailer filled with interactive touch screen computers, educational displays, movies and more, to educate visitors about ethanol and other biofuels.

Rail operators promise fewer delays, more transparency, and big capacity investment for the nation's rail network in 2015. A few seasoned CEOs offer insight on coping with and planning for delays in winter.

As the pellet-making industry grows, more emphasis is being placed on mitigating and managing the potential for dust-generated fires and explosions.

Steam turbine generators are reliable machines, but require surveillance to remain problem-free and keep electricity pumping.


Biomass boilers, much like fossil fuel boilers, carry a maintenance schedule that needs to be performed on a regular basis. This article, offered by a manufacturer of wood burning appliances, outlines a few of the most common items to watch.


Anaerobic Digesters are among the most challenging biomass conversion technologies in the industry. New Jersey-based Natural Systems Utilities is increasingly being tapped to offer its O&M expertise to a growing roster of digester facilities.

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