July 2014

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Staff


Robert Vierhout

Paradigm Shift Needed

By Robert Vierhout



Leading swine nutritionist, University of Minnesota professor Jerry Shurson, discusses low-oil DDGS and growth performance on pigs.

Someday, cattle may be able to have distillers grains and eat the container too, thanks to a plastics ingredient manufacturer and feed company.

Multiple factors, including winter weather and shale oil traffic, presented logistical challenges for dried distillers grains marketers and ethanol producers early this year.

Beyond Feed

By Susanne Retka Schill

Proposed FDA regulations raise compliance questions among ethanol producers.

Distillers grains and other new coproducts of ethanol production show potential in replacing fishmeal, the holy grail ingredient in aquaculture feed rations.

The Green Mountain State is a national leader in community-scale wood heat, but it didn't happen overnight.

A century-old courthouse in western Maine's Oxford County transitions away from oil and toward pellet heat.

On-site biogas installations are saving craft brewers heat and water treatment costs.

Adding mobility to pyrolysis systems could improve project economics.


High-definition surveys bring the digital age to site planning, facility upgrades.

Ethanol plant registration is required for DDGS exports to China.

Tucker RNG system inventor Richard Tucker (right) and Nate Anderson, project director of the Rocky Mountain Research Station Biomass Research Development Initiative, stand in front of Tucker RNG.

Tucker RNG: Little Machine, Big Impact

By Maureen Essen, Caroline Morris and Nate Anderson

Public and private collaboration has resulted in a unique and highly efficient distributed-scale fast pyrolysis system.


Cabin Creek Biomass Energy will reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfire in Placer County while producing 2 MW power, heat and biochar.

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