August 2010

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2010 has seen several ethanol-infused television commercials and an unprecedented U.S. oil spill, all of which are shaping the perception of the industry.


By Holly Jessen

Could hog manure be an environmentally friendly avenue for ethanol production? Meet some people who think the answer to that question is "yes."

O' Ethanol

By Anna Austin

With Canada's renewable fuels standard mandating E5 starting in September, EPM takes a look at the Canadian ethanol industry.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack selects questions from the audience at the Clean Energy Economy Forum-Rural Energy Opportunities held at the White House in May.

An Iowa Ethanol Booster in Washington

By Holly Jessen, Photos By USDA

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack hasn't been shy about stating his firm support for the ethanol industry.

2010 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo An Upbeat St. Louis

By Luke Geiver, Holly Jessen and Susanne Retka Schill

The ethanol industry has toughed it out, things are looking better, and the mood was noticeably upbeat at the 26th annual FEW. A positive buzz permeated the event.

A research team at SUNY Cobleskill has a giant undertaking ahead of it, demonstrating and developing applications for an innovative gasification technology prototype that holds promise for alternative and purposeful waste disposal.

Two European companies have an anaerobic digestion process they say works perfectly for brewery residues, but convincing a centuries-old industry to change its operations poses a problem in marketing and widely implementing the practice.

The Northeast U.S. with its massive demands for heat and electricity is cognizant of the need to adapt ambitious and smart renewable energy policies. Roles, definitions and perceptions of biomass energy, however, differ from state to state.

Vertical integration, diversified operations, education and valued relationships are vital components to the success of community-based biodiesel producers. This is their story.

During these tough economic times in the biodiesel industry, success-even survival-often comes down to finding M&A partners. The following are important aspects for biodiesel companies to consider throughout the scope of the M&A process.


Model-predictive control projects can help ethanol producers improve decision making when pricing and producing distillers grains.

FEW Features Board Management Strategies

By David A. Crass and Anna J. Wildeman

Focusing on the bottom line and hiring good managment are only a few of the duties and obligations of a board of directors.

Hazardous energy is a silent killer. The power can be on, but there is no smell, taste or other indication that electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam, mechanical or chemical power is present. Proper safety procedures require a methodical approach.

Iowa State University researchers are developing environmentally friendly ways to reduce soil runoff and retain soil nutrients so crop yields aren't impacted when residue is removed for biofuels production.

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