February 2012

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Business Briefs

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Chase Lane brings several years experience working at a Texas ethanol plant to his new position with Ferm Solutions.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff

Aaron Potter

Busines Briefs

By Staff

Advanced BiofuelsBiogasChemicalsPelletsPowerThermal

Business Briefs

By Biorefining Magazine Staff


William Bivens, CEO and founder of One World Clean Energy Inc., considers the single feedstock model a “short-term solution at best.�

Golden Possibilities

By Holly Jessen

Corn oil forges a link between ethanol and biodiesel production

Ethanol bound for the EU undergoes new scrutiny

Pieces of the Puzzle

By Holly Jessen

The ethanol industry's understanding of hedging has evolved over the years, making it a vital puzzle piece in profitable operation

A biomass conversion in Louisville, Ky., will revamp a closed coal boiler house, saving and creating more than 350 jobs.

A Canadian community merged three biomass plants into one big success story for district heat.

A study by a group of forest scientists confirms forest-derived bioenergy results in no net carbon release

Shell's collaboration with Virent Energy Systems is propelling the firm to new heights in biorefining

Perspectives from the president on RFS2, Florida and green beginnings

Valero Energy Corp.'s investment in the advanced biofuels sector benefits startups and lends an increased aura of confidence to the industry

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