April 2012

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Business Briefs

John Stork has more than 16 years of experience in various engineering, project and operations management roles for companies including Raskas Foods, Schreiber Foods and Newell/Rubbermaid.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff

William Davison

Business Briefs

By Staff



Ethanol serves as not only a liquid transportation fuel but also as a feedstock for biobased chemical production

LCFS in Limbo

By Kris Bevill

California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard has been brought to a halt, at least temporarily. How will it affect ethanol producers?

Dollars and Sense

By Kris Bevill

Analyses vary, but ethanol's economic benefits are clear

By the Numbers

By Holly Jessen

Trends and patterns in the ethanol industry

MOVING MONEY: Inland waterways offer an alternative means of reliable and efficient biomass transport.

Inland Asset

By Luke Geiver

Developers in the U.K. and U.S. are using barges instead of railways to move their biomass material

As more landfill gas and biogas producers take advantage of renewable energy opportunities, high-Btu pipeline injection is gaining popularity

A novel and multi-faceted vertical farm and business incubator in Chicago will source its heat and power from a brewery waste anaerobic digester

Proper strategies and equipment simplify biomass feedstock procurement

Biorefining companies continue to file IPO statements as venture capital funding trends downward

Experts say it's counterproductive, but biorefining firms continue on with government


The qualification of whole tree chips as biopower feedstock would increase project development potential

To improve efficiency and be a good neighbor, the Hibbing, Minn., power plant enlisted Martin Engineering to modify its biomass fuel handling system

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