August 2012

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Business Briefs

Tom Griffin has expertise in chemical reaction engineering, biofuels, photovoltaics, coal gasification and advanced hazardous waste conversion applications. He holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff

Business Briefs

By Staff

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Gram positive bacteria, shown in blue here, are the most common source of infection in the ethanol production process. Gram negative bacteria are pictured in pink.

Bacterial Battle

By Holly Jessen

Antibiotics are the most common tool against bacteria, but alternatives exist

Testing for Traces

By Holly Jessen

Studies examine antibiotics in DDGS, whether it contributes to antibiotic resistance in animals

Investing in cellulosic production could improve profit margins at corn ethanol plants

A biogas opportunity at a shuttered Brazilian landfill reveals U.S. Ex-Im Bank's potential, and how U.S. equipment providers can expand into the global marketplace.

Many remote northern communities face energy challenges due to their location, weather and high fuel costs, but wood pellets offer an affordable source of reliable, on-demand heat.

Top lab researchers and proven project developers speak about trends and needed tweaks to bioenergy hardware.


A method for controlling infection and maximizing ethanol yields

Specifications shift as market adjusts, many questions arise about specific applications

New coproducts are proposed for cellulosic producers: feed yeast and green coal.

Multiple Coproducts Needed to Establish Cellulosic Ethanol Industry

By Arthur Kollaras, Paul Koutouridis, Mary Biddy and James D. McMillan

Feed yeast, green coal contribute to bottom line

Proper selection of combustion technology is critical to biomass power. An expert reviews current options, along with pros and cons.

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