September 2012

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Business Briefs

1. Senior VP: Ron Lamberty was recently promoted at ACE. He owns two fuel stations and has more than 30 years experience in the ethanol and petroleum industries.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff

Tom Sleight has 18 years of working for the U.S. Grains Council. He has worked in the field as well as with communications, membership and administrative functions.

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine Staff


Pinching Pennies

By Kris Bevill

A new yeast product promises to save producers pennies per gallon when pennies count the most.

Adam Anderson, ICM product manager, prepares a monometer for taking a vapor flow reading.

Stop Loss

By Susanne Retka Schill

Not all ethanol leaving the fermenters goes to the tank.

A relentless focus on yield requires vigilance and nimble decision making.

BioProcess Algae's Toby Ahrens reflects on the algae of his youth and the role algae may play in everyone's energy future.

The closure of the last paper mill in Berlin, N.H., was devastating, but its ongoing transformation into a biomass power plant is revitalizing the region.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Russ Anderson spearheads Advanced Biomass Solutions' day-to-day operations that include locating biomass for power producing customers.

A Strategy for Supply

By Luke Geiver

The Anderson brothers broke into the biomass supply industry by contracting with power production facilities in search of short-term contracts. The company hasn't stopped profiting since.

A modular gasification technology produces on-demand, biomass-based syngas.


A method for controlling infection and maximizing ethanol yields

Customized design cost-effectively addresses fouling issues

Conquering Cofiring Flow Challenges

By Jayant Khambekar and Roger A. Barnum

Cofiring biomass with coal is an attractive method of meeting renewables goals, but several material flow-related issues may occur during handling and storage.

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