September 2013

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Business Briefs

Dan Wegner, right, UWGP commodities manager, is presented with a check for his purchase of a 2013 Ford Focus FFV by Carl Benck, UWGP president.

Business Briefs

By Staff


Charles P. Stevens

Crystal Ball: Predicting 2015 Health Care Reform

By Charles P. Stevens



Prepared plant operators are trained to quickly and efficiently react in the case of a chemical accident.

Combatting grain engulfment accidents with proper equipment, procedures and training.

Process safety management requires comprehensive hazard analysis and records.

A Kansas-based company is offering two bolt-on options for ethanol producers looking to turn crude corn oil into biodiesel or renewable diesel.

Torrefied biomass may extend the life of Portland General Electric's Boardman Power Plant by several decades.

Biogas and other renewable projects that capitalize on existing resources may be one answer to daunting energy challenges faced by island countries.

Chemtex's Project Alpha targets multiple energy crops


Drax Group is leveraging its capabilities to build the most sustainable supply chain possible.

SUN SUCKER:Two exterior walls of the BIQ apartment complext in Hamburg, Germany, are made of bioreactors that capture sunlight to produce heat, and grow for algae for biogas production.

Real Green Heat

By Anna Simet

The epitome of “green� energy, a building in Hamburg, Germany, produces heat and power from algae.

More for Less

By Anna Simet

Zeachem Inc.'s use of dedicated hybrid poplar trees means more feedstock at a lower cost.

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