November 2013

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Business Briefs

Field has a strong background in environmental law.

Business Briefs

By Staff


Christopher L. Nuss

Are You Exporting Without an IC-DISC? If So, Why?

By Christopher L. Nuss


Brothers in Arms

By Tim Portz

Michael McAdams

An Urgent Call to Action

By Michael McAdams


A nearly 20 MMgy cellulosic ethanol facility in Crescentino, Italy, officially opened in early October, making it both the first and the largest commercial-scale facility of its kind in the world.

Two cellulosic ethanol developers are about to go prime time, turning garbage into biofuel at separate facilities in Canada and the U.S.

Ineos Bio brings the first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in the U.S. online in Florida.

In August, Ernest Moniz, secretary for the U.S. DOE, announced more than $22 million in new investments to develop a more efficient feedstock supply chain for advanced biofuels, in addition to more affordable algae-derived fuels.

The U.S. Coast Guard is testing isobutanol gasoline blends in its marine engines.

COMBATING NATURE:  An Oregon Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopter flies past the Government Flats Complex fires after dumping a “Bambi� bucket of water on the fire near The Dalles, Ore., in August. ORARNG believes using biomass pellets an

Fighting the Good Fight

By Sue Retka Schill

Biomass thermal coincides with the Oregon Army National Guard's energy security goals and has larger-picture benefits such as aiding wildfire reduction and job creation.

Alaska's first landfill gas-to-energy project provides the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson with seven times its renewable energy mandate per the Energy Policy Act of 2005.


A primer outlinines the inherent challenges for biofuel production using biomass


SECURE, RENEWABLE AND BASELOAD:  ReEnergy’s Black River Project is the largest asset in its power portfolio and the first on a military base.

Mission Alignment

By Tim Portz

ReEnergy has opened a new front with its Black River Project at the Army's Ft. Drum, N.Y.

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