April 2015

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

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Kathleen Rice

Data Breach: No Company Immune

By Kathleen Rice



What's holding up approvals for modified microorganisms?

The three big U.S. cellulosic ethanol producers have different approaches to lignin and future coproduct possibilities.

Introducing renewable natural gas, the new player in the cellulosic RINs market.

A Florida algae-to-ethanol operation is poised to go commercial scale with a project colocated with a natural-gas-fired power plant.

Attempting to expand the North American wood heat sector, U.S. distributors seek proven European technology to further foster market development.

The pellet industry has grown each quarter for nearly five years. For this trend to continue, however, the sector must navigate numerous challenges, not least of which is its own success.

Resources made available by the International Trade Administration equip companies with the tools, financing and knowhow required to increase renewable exports.

Neste Oil imports feedstock from five continents to process renewable diesel in Singapore, Rotterdam and Finland, then ships its fuel to destination markets in the EU, North America and Asia-Pacific.

Growth Energy's 6th Annual Leadership Conference made evident that progress over the last year has trumped challenges.

Biogas companies from around the world are pursuing opportunities in the U.S. and Canada.


Advanced biofuel projects present significant economic development opportunities.

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