November 2016

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


Gene Hammond

Auto Club Monitoring Proves Ethanol Blending Safe

By Gene Hammond



ICM headquarters in Colwich, Kansas, share a property line with the Abengoa plant, pictured in the background. Abengoa's Ravenna, Nebraska, plant pictured the year it started up in 2007.

High Plains Transition

By Susanne Retka Schill

The financial difficulties of Abengoa Bioenergy's parent company in Spain trigger the sale of its ethanol production facilities in the U.S. In-depth reporting in the November EPM.

New technology poised to improve ethanol plant's bottom line, through conversion of corn fiber in distillers to cellulosic ethanol. In-depth reporting in November EPM.

Realizing its full potential requires a better understanding of fiber's fickle characteristics when used as a cellulosic ethanol feedstock. In-depth reporting in the November EPM.

Innovation in stover utilization targets feed, sugars and coproduct credits, building markets beyond cellulosic ethanol use. In-depth reporting in the November EPM.

National laboratories argue for a paradigm shift in the industry's approach to biomass handling and preparation for cellulosic ethanol biorefineries and other biomass applications. In-depth reporting in the November EPM.

Capturing and reusing waste heat in biomass plants is paramount to efficient, effective operations.

As another heating season approaches, low heat market margins have pellet producers looking toward other end uses for greater market stability and increased profits.

Production and sale of biochar at biomass-using plants can result in significant financial gains, but the industry is still working at building its myriad of potential markets.


The roll out of a digestate standards program will help assure customers of the value this often-overlooked coproduct of anaerobic digestion possesses.

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