March 2017

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Business Briefs


Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele

AEBIOM General Secretary Jean-Marc Jossart (left), former President Gustav Melin, and President Didzis Palejs

Business Briefs

By Erin Voegele


Josh Andrews

Point of Obligation Takes Center Stage in Hearing

By Josh Andrews



INSIDE STORY: As ethanol plants reach the 10-year mark, the ceramic media inside the regenerative thermal oxidizer can become plugged and need replacement.

The Inside Story

By Susanne Retka Schill

Examining the state of affairs with repairs for three critical pieces of equipment in the back end of the ethanol process -- centrifuges, dryers and RTOs. In-depth reporting from the March print edition of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

New DDGS additive saves ethanol plants energy and improves flowability. In-depth reporting profiles a new technology in the March print edition of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

The ethanol industry sees one-pound waiver for E15 as a no-brainer. This in-depth feature on the industry goal of changing the policy on Reid vapor pressure appears in the March print edition of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Glacial Lakes challenge in Watertown, SD, demonstrates E30 is a winner. The midlevel ethanol blend caused no check engine lights, mileage was virtually unchanged and resulted in real savings. This feature appears in EPM's March print edition.

While pellets produced at Highland Pellets' new facility leave for overseas, the benefits remain in the surrounding community of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

A state-of-the-art, waste-to-energy plant at Dublin's Poolbeg Peninsula is readying to fire up. Built by Covanta Energy Inc., the facility will generate enough power for 80,000 homes, and eventually, district heat as well.


Strategically located ethanol sources cannot be economically replaced. This expert contribution appears in the March print edition of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

Ensuring a digester has the right bacteria to work in conjecture with methanogens can lead to higher-than-anticipated yields and a more profitable operation.


With help from investors, Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. plans to fast-track deployment of its renewable diesel technology at a shuttered, gutted biodiesel plant in Alberta.

After 30-plus years of operation, a biomass heating system at a school in Michigan's Upper Peninsula was replaced by the company that originally built it.

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