October 2019

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine



FERM CHECK: A corn mash sample is prepared for the HPLC. The instrument is used throughout fermentation to monitor the breakdown of starches into sugars, the conversion to ethanol and the presence of contaminants. Proper calibration of lab instrument

Validate and Calibrate

By Susanne Retka Schill

FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Deploying best practices that include a regular schedule for equipment monitoring, as well as staff with eyes on the details, improves accuracy.

FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: Projections for E15 have been inconsistent since the May 31 Reid vapor pressure waiver. Ethanol Producer Magazine explores some of the factors that will influence the blend's trajectory in the coming years.

FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: From reducing energy costs to lowering carbon intensity scores, the benefits are many for ethanol plants that cogenerate.

FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: It's a challenging time to bring an ethanol plant online, but June marked the beginning of operations at Ringneck Energy & Feed in South Dakota.


FROM THE OCTOBER ISSUE: A one-step clean-in-place solution designed for ethanol plants decreases chemical usage while cleaning both inorganic and organic compounds.

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