June 2022

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine



Becoming the fourth consecutive U.S. president to visit an ethanol plant, Biden offered broad support for corn ethanol, biorefining and agriculture after announcing a historic emergency fuel waiver enabling uninterrupted E15 sales this summer.

Straight ethanol isn't sold at U.S. gas stations. But why not? A top proponent of E100 says offering 98-percent pure ethanol at the pump would not only benefit ethanol producers and consumers, but the environment and energy security. Could it happen?

Energy self-sufficiency and a new coproduct opportunity are what biogas plant designer Krieg & Fischer has to offer. The German company is able to help ethanol plants utilize their thin stillage for on-site energy and lower carbon intensity scores.

The world's second-largest corn producer, Brazil is continuing to see a rise in grain ethanol production and new plant construction. U.S. ethanol producers may gain some insight about how biomass power can be used to bring down carbon intensity.

Corn and natural gas prices are spiking to levels not seen in over a decade. The effect of those rising costs would be dire if the values of ethanol, DDGS and corn oil weren't also riding high.

The world's major airlines are racing to decarbonize air travel by backing and using sustainable aviation fuel. Much of it is now being produced via plant-based oils in tandem with renewable diesel. Soon, it may also come from ethanol.


PhibroTCP uses a central PLC to control product dosing, taking signals from an ethanol plant's DCS. The system can fully replace caustic CIP or be used in conjunction with it. Early adopters report saving up to 30 percent on CIP expenditures.

An Innovative Approach to CIP In Fuel Ethanol Plants

By David Fowlie, Jim Ekenstedt and Kaitlyn DenHouten

PhibroTCPâ„¢ (Total Cleaning Program) is a turnkey solution that utilizes deposit-prevention technologies tailored to reduce the rate and degree of foulant formation to keep plants running more efficiently between cleaning events.

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