October 2022

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine



The California Air Resources Board is working on its latest scoping plan, which could potentially intensify Low Carbon Fuel Standard targets and boost ethanol use in state—especially if E15 gets approved.

Ethanol made from corn fiber has a low carbon intensity and the potential to generate D3 RINs, but navigating the regulatory landscape to capture its fullest value can be complex.

When lab personnel aren't ushering in new innovations, testing ethanol fermentations and producing real-time production data for their colleagues, they're making sure what's arriving at the gate is fit for today's production needs.

Supply chain constraints are improving, but ethanol producers are still dealing with the higher costs and tighter availability of almost all production inputs, parts and equipment.


IFF is a yeast and enzyme provider that offers ethanol producers customized recommendations based on their plant's needs. The company is embracing new product development opportunities while delivering yeasts today that maximize production.

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