June 2023

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Geoff Cooper, President and CEO, Renewable Fuels Association

The Importance of the Next Generation Fuels Act

By Geoff Cooper



Carbon intensity scores determine, in part, the value producers get for each gallon of ethanol they produce. Today's CI calculations don't factor in low-carbon farming practices, but industry leaders like Brian Jennings are determined to change that.

Little Sioux Corn Processors™ CEO and plant manager discuss the plant expansions, coproduct optimizations and debottlenecking successes behind the facility™s remarkable growth over two decades.

Woody biomass accounts for 70 to 80 percent of all terrestrial biomass on the planet, and Comstock Inc. believes it can generate 70 gallons of ethanol and 30 to 50 gallons of Bioleum, a renewable diesel/SAF feedstock, per ton of wood processed. The c

Wood Ethanol Alongside Corn

By Susanne Retka Schill

A startup advanced biofuel company is including first-generation corn ethanol plants in its commercialization strategy. Its vision includes regional crop conversion and enabling today's biorefineries to process woody biomass.

Sound leak detection and repair practices are essential to modern ethanol plant operations. Both procedural and high tech, LDAR is rooted in compliance, but closely tied to everyday maintenance and project planning.

The trademarked PROTOMAX yeast-enriched 50-percent protein feed produced through ICM's APP technology gives ethanol plants a lane into new markets. Because of its higher protein and lower fiber content, it can replace portions of soybean meal and cor

Going for Gold

By Luke Geiver

From CI-score reduction to back-end feed ROI, a growing number of ethanol plants are in pursuit of the multi-part benefits of ICM's trademarked Advanced Processing Package. It should come as no surprise that ICM Inc. has made its Advanced Processing Package system—an innovative suite of bolt-on technology systems for ethanol plants looking to diversify revenue streams and lower carbon intensity (CI) scores—seem so simple. The Kansas-based ethanol process technology pioneer first unveiled its APP system in 2019. Since then, multiple ethanol plants have acquired APP and are currently in various stages of implementation.


New decarbonization incentives present an opportunity not seen in a generation.

The industry is changing. The new focus is on all areas of second-generation biofuels construction, and Fagen Inc. is currently building carbon capture systems and combined heat and power projects for new and past clients.

Leaking valves can have costly implications for ethanol plants. Senseven has developed a smartphone-operated system to make industrial inspection efficient and simple, automatically interpreting sensor signals and providing instant results on site.

Valve Inspection Gets Easier

By Michael Hettegger

A European company is turning smartphones into mobile inspection systems for leak detection in valves with an app that provides instant results.


Ethanol producers share their experiences with Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, which offers value-added treatment products and services to address some of the most challenging reliability and sustainability issues biorefineries face.

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