October 2023

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Business Briefs

Business Briefs

By Ethanol Producer Magazine


Workshops Held to Boost Ethanol Consumption in Asia

By Mackenzie Boubin



A conversation with Bruce Rastetter about his history in agriculture and ethanol production, as well as the transformative potential of CCS.

A conversation with Lauren Aubry, lab manager with Marquis Energy, on new advancements in the lab, helpful technology and challenges lab managers and technicians face daily.

A new E85 conversion kit could complement the rise of EVs by giving drivers plug-in electric hybrid vehicles capable of running on high blends of ethanol. Whether Tuomo Isokivijärvi is meeting with venture capitalists in Palo Alto, California, Finland or anywhere else in the world, he’s usually trying to explain how his company’s E85-based conversion kit technology applies to current and future light-duty passenger vehicles. He doesn’t shy away from explaining the limitations of electric vehicles—why EVs alone won’t be able to fulfill the transportation needs of the world anytime soon, despite what many investors have been repeatedly told.

Carbon capture efforts in North Dakota and the greater ethanol industry showcase the current and long-term vision of the U.S. DOE’s carbon management team.


Case study: Golden Grain Energy is leveraging a plant process management and digital transformation solution that optimizes plant communication and workflow with a quick ROI.

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