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Aztalan Bio LLC

W 5289 Valero Way

Johnson Creek, 53038

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Aztalan Bio LLC, a subsidiary of Ireland’s ClonBio Group Limited, in 2022 acquired Wisconsin’s largest ethanol plant, located in the village of Aztalan, just outside Jefferson. In 2012 ClonBio opened what became Europe’s largest ethanol plant, Pannonia Bio Zrt, in Hungary on the Danube River. Pannonia has expanded and improved continuously and today is one of the most technologically advanced grain biorefineries in the world, producing energy and nutrition products as diverse and innovative as cellulosic renewable natural gas and barley protein concentrate. Pannonia’s story can be seen here. Aztalan’s story is just beginning and is off to a great start, with a plant re-start scheduled for fall 2023. Aztalan and Pannonia are the world’s only two large grain processing plants with dry front-end fractionation systems, an essential launching point for biorefinery innovations. Over the next several years Aztalan will invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a biorefinery transformation every bit as innovative as Pannonia’s but uniquely suited to Wisconsin’s strengths. These innovations will support thousands of jobs, directly and indirectly, and they will result in annual GHG savings in the millions of tons.

Aztalan Bio LLC

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