Iowa ethanol producer offers blender pump grants

By Little Sioux Corn Processors | October 31, 2013

Little Sioux Corn Processors is offering financial assistance to Iowa retailers who install blender pumps. The LSCP board of directors is making $75,000 available to retailers to offset the cost of blender pump installations.  LSCP is a 110 million gallon per year capacity ethanol refinery located in Marcus, Iowa.

“There is a vital need for higher blends of ethanol and Little Sioux Corn Processors wants to be part of making this a reality,” said Steve Roe, general manager of LSCP. “Little Sioux is committed to expanding the availability of ethanol and bringing more renewable fuel choices to motorists.” 

LSPC will provide $15,000 for new blender pump installations for a total of 5 blender pumps.  This program is open to all Iowa retailers who install a blender pump after November 1, 2013.  Retailers wishing to apply for LSCP’s grant program should submit an itemized list of expenses, sales volume forecasts for the first two years of operation, proof of project completion, and photo of the dispenser. In addition, the retailer must agree to offer only ethanol blends through the dispenser, including E15 and E85. 

“Installation of blender pumps is the most economical approach to offering fuels today,” Roe said.  “The return on investment is spread over multiple fuels and provides retailers the flexibility to change fuel options in response to customer needs and market dynamics.”