Ethanol trade group responds to EWG report

By Chris Hanson | May 29, 2014

After the Environmental Working Group released its anti-corn ethanol report, the Renewable Fuels Association responded.

“Today’s Environmental Working Group report relies upon overblown and disputed assumptions of land use change, making ethanol from corn appear to be worse than gasoline,” said Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the RFA. “That’s simply preposterous, particularly when contrasted with the ever-rising greenhouse gas emissions from tar sands and fracking. The Department of Energy’s GREET model clearly shows that corn ethanol reduces GHG emissions by 34 percent compared to gasoline, including hypothetical land use change emissions. Additionally, a Life Cycle Associates study found that corn ethanol reduces GHG emissions by 37 to 40 percent when compared to tight oil from fracking and tar sands.”

The report, entitled “Ethanol’s Broken Promise,” alleged that the renewable fuel standard (RFS) rapidly expanded corn ethanol production and increased GHG emissions, air pollution, water pollution and price of food and feed.