Eco-Energy develops ethanol unit train facility in Georgia

By Eco-Energy | September 05, 2014

Eco-Energy, a leading biofuel supply chain company, is pleased to announce the development of an ethanol unloading, storage, and outbound truck loading facility in Augusta, Georgia. This facility will serve the Augusta and Savannah markets in Georgia.

The ethanol unit train facility will be equipped to receive up to 80 tank cars via Norfolk Southern Railway for distribution by truck to the local gasoline blending facilities. Additionally, the facility will be equipped with 3.7 million gallons of dedicated ethanol storage in order for an inbound train to be emptied, and released back to the railroad within 24 hours.

“Eco-Energy is excited to be opening this facility in the Augusta metropolitan area, as we feel the industry will benefit from a unit train operation in this growing market. As we continue to invest in ethanol distribution infrastructure, our focus is on lowering supply chain costs for our customers, and this facility accomplishes that goal,” stated Chadwick Conn, Eco-Energy’s Vice President of Distribution.

Unit train operations at the site are expected to commence in December, and Eco-Energy intends to employ facility operators and truck drivers that will bring new jobs to the Augusta area.