Dynamic Recycling installs distillation column at Tennessee plant

By Dynamic Recycling | March 18, 2015

MXI Environmental Services LLC, the nation's leading provider of ethanol recycling and beer disposal services, has completed installation of the distillation column for the company's new plant in Bristol, Tennessee. The installation went smooth and company is one step closer to operating.

"This is a big step," remarked Vice President of Operation, Brian Potter. "The column is the crown jewel of the plant. The construction effort has been able to preserver despite bad weather and other various unplanned obstacles. We have a great construction crew and we are very excited to get this plant up and running."

The new plant is scheduled to come online in the spring of 2015. Adding the plant to the operations conducted by MXI will increase the company's capacity by 200 percent. The new plant will be retrofitted to accommodate a state of the art decasing operation to handle all the demand for beer disposal services, alcohol recycling and consumer goods destruction.

"This is great," said Vice President of Sales Eric Reinstein. "The column is a key piece to taking our operation to a new level. I'm very excited with the progress and so are our clients."

As construction continues on the project, the company eagerly awaits its completion. All operations that are handled by Dynamic Recycling will be available through the new plant, including cosmetic and beverage recycling.