UAI commends Obama for proclamation of National Health Week

By Urban Air Initiative | April 08, 2015

The Urban Air Initiative has applauded the Obama administration for creating greater awareness of health issues related to the environment, and urged that toxic emissions from gasoline be front and center in the discussion.

“In issuing the proclamation, President Obama said they are shifting the focus of our country's health care system from sickness and disease to wellness and prevention.  Well, we have good news for him in that we can prevent a range of health problems by reducing the toxic compounds in gasoline,” said UAI President David VanderGriend.

According to the statement released by the White House, America's public health is deeply tied to the health of our environment. As our planet becomes more interconnected and our climate continues to warm, we face new threats to our safety and well-being. In the past three decades, the percentage of Americans with asthma has more than doubled, and climate change is putting these individuals and many other vulnerable populations at greater risk of landing in the hospital. Rising temperatures can lead to more smog, longer allergy seasons, and an increased incidence of extreme-weather-related injuries and illnesses.

"We urge the Administration to recognize the positive role clean burning additives like ethanol can play in protecting public health and to open the market for the increased use of all biofuels.  We can replace the most harmful, toxic compounds in the oil barrel with cleaner, healthier, and better performing fuels," VanderGriend said.

He also noted that UAI has amassed a substantial collection of studies and analyses linking traffic exhaust to ailments ranging from asthma to low birth weight and even to autism, which is available on the organizations website at