Wood biorefinery equipment on the auction block April 14

By Holly Jessen | April 10, 2015

Equipment from a project to produce cellulosic ethanol at an existing pulp and paper mill in Old Town, Maine, is available for purchase in an online auction that opens April 14 and closes April 16. Included in the auction is equipment from late model lab assets and a 2009-2012 biomass biorefinery pilot plant.

RSE Pulp and Chemical LLC, a subsidiary of Red Shield Environmental LLC, was the recipient of a U.S. DOE grant for up to $30 million in 2008. The plan was to build a 2.2 MMgy demonstration plant to prove the viability of a University of Maine proprietary process for pre-extracting hemicelluloses during the pulping process. The University of Maine and American Process Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, were participants/investors in the RSE Pulp and Chemical LLC project.

However, the pulp and paper mill was closed and Expera Specialty Solutions LLC acquired the pulp mill in December 2014. According to court documents filed Dec. 5, 2014, the bio refinery assets or the related intellectual property were not part of the pulp and paper purchase.

The sale includes equipment such as reactors, a vacuum evaporator, a decanter type centrifuge, filtration system, tanks, pumps, compressors, boilers, a water chiller package, heat exchangers, feed systems, piping, valves, controls, HPLC systems, personal computers, gas chromatograph, scales, miscellaneous lab equipment, an air compressor, a cooling tower and a forklift. Buyers can inspect or preview the equipment on April 14 or by appointment. The sale is being held in conjunction with two auction companies, Joseph Finn Co. Inc. and New Mill Capital.