Protec Fuel opens 3 E15 stations near Atlanta

By Protec Fuel | May 11, 2015

A Marietta Gulf station celebrated with its customers May 8, while offering some of the first E15 sales in Georgia. The Gulf Quick Stop Food Store on S. Cobb, assisted by Protec Fuel, has launched the 88-octane E15 fuel in the Atlanta metro area. E15 ethanol blend can run in any 2001 and newer gasoline engine, costs less than regular gas & has higher performance. Two other area stations join them in being first in Georgia to start selling E15 as well. The stations will also sell E85 fuel and B20 biodiesel fuel, to also meet the needs of flex-fuel and diesel drivers.

The Marietta Gulf Quick Stop hosted a Fuel Happy Hour from 4-5 pm. From 7-9 am, attendees were offered a chance at Zac Brown Band tickets with 94.9 The Bull. At 9 am, the celebration featured addresses by Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols, the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and more. Throughout the day, 9 am-11 pm, fun included a moonwalk for kids, face painting, live entertainment such as a band and karaoke, 25 cent food deals, and much more. 

The Quick Stop and the other two locations already operating in Atlanta, with seven more set to come on line through the summer, are:

- Gulf Quick Stop Food Store 855 S. Cobb Dr. SE, Marietta, GA 30060, 678-214-5449
- Gulf Food Mart 405 S. Walnut St. Greensboro, GA 30642
- Gulf Sunflower Food Mart 1241 Eaton Rd, Madison, GA 30650.

"E85 is a homegrown fuel that benefits our farmers and our air quality," Echols said. "I use it weekly in my flex-fuel Ford Focus and encourage other owners of similar cars to do the same," he said.

These are part of Protec Fuel's station rollout of E15 sites to metropolitan areas that include various cities in the South and Southeast. Already much more common in Midwestern states, six other locations in the South have officially opened E15 under Protec's program, with others in various states opening soon.

"This opens up additional access to not only E15 but E85 and B20 which expands the availability of clean alternative fuels in the metro area," said Don Francis, Georgia Clean Cities coordinator. "E15 in particular will allow for the increase in the use of ethanol, a domestic, clean fuel, in the country." Clean Cities is a Department of Energy initiative to expand the use of alternative fuels in the U.S., which reduces the nation's dependency on petroleum. 

Protec Fuel, based in Boca Raton, Fla., helps manage the ethanol blends installation and provides the ethanol fuel blends. "The first E15 stations in Georgia are a big deal," said Steve Walk, vice president of business development at Protec Fuel. "We know many drivers in Atlanta would want lower-priced, higher performing fuel, that also has extra environmental benefits."

Currently, and typically, both E15 and E85 are selling for less than regular gasoline. The station anticipates being able to sell E15 for 10 cents under regular gas and E85 for 40 cents under, on average.

E15, a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, is the most widely tested fuel ever sold to consumers. The ethanol portion of these fuels is 100 percent U.S.-made and supports jobs and keeps our money in local communities. Ethanol burns cleaner in engines, which helps the performance level of the vehicle.  It also can extend the life of the engine. E15 can run in any 2001 or newer gasoline engine, which equates to 80 percent of vehicles in the U.S.

E85 is an alternative fuel blend that reduces emissions and can be used in over 18.5 million vehicles across the U.S. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline that can be used in flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs). There are over 100 FFV models on the market today that can run on E85. Visit to see if you have an FFV. Click here for further E85 station locations.