Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy celebrates 10 years of operation

By Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy | August 22, 2016

Phillipsburg, Kansas-based Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy thanked the local community for 10 years of support with a public celebration on Aug. 19.  

The event featured a cookout and an open swim at the Armory in Phillipsburg. PHAE CEO and General Manager Joe Kreutzer said the event served as a pat on the back to local residents for their support over the years.

“Prairie Horizon Agri-Energy is proud to be celebrating its 10-year anniversary of producing ethanol. The vision started 13 years ago by a local group of individuals looking to bring jobs to the community. It quickly turned into not only jobs but a chance to be part of an industry that promoted home grown fuels, cleaned up the environment, and replaced oil. We would like to thank our employees, our investors, our community, and all of our industry partners that have made our first 10 years a success. We look forward to the next 10 years as we push to expand the ethanol industry and spread the word of the benefits of ethanol,” said Kreutzer.  

Prairie Horizon is a limited liability corporation owned by 300 local investors. The plant employs 35 people and produces 40 million gallons of ethanol on a yearly basis.