Iowa ethanol plant boosts capacity with new technology

By Whitefox Technologies Ltd. | February 21, 2017

Pine Lake Corn Processors has become the first ethanol plant in Iowa to install Whitefox’s Integrated Cartridge Efficiency (ICE) membrane solution to increase production capacity and improve overall plant efficiency. Pine Lake, located at Steamboat Rock, Iowa, operates at 35 MMgy dry mill ethanol plant. Whitefox’s bolt-on ICE solution gives the plant an additional 10 percent ethanol capacity by removing process bottlenecks.

Pine Lake CEO James Broghammer said the impact of the Whitefox technology became evident almost immediately. “Overall I see a better performing plant with increased capacity and lower steam consumption per gallon of ethanol produced just by eliminating the mole sieve recycle stream to the rectifier,” he said.

After two months of operating the system, Pine Lake has decided to expand its Whitefox ICE unit by a third. The modularity of a Whitefox ICE solution makes this straight forward, and the additional expansion is expected to come on line in the second half of 2017.

Gillian Harrison, CEO of Whitefox, said, “We are proud to deliver the first Whitefox ICE solution in Iowa to Pine Lake Corn Processors. James Broghammer and his team have been key to ensuring the successful execution of the project and we have been impressed with his insight and hands-on approach. We look forward to delivering the next phase of the expansion later in the year. Pine Lake has taken a lead in showing how plants can get more from their existing infrastructure and improve the profitability of every gallon of ethanol. This project shows how important rural America is in efficiently producing low‐carbon renewable fuels.”  

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