Evogene collaborates with DuPont for corn bio-stimulant research

By Haley Olson | August 02, 2017

Evogene will collaborate with DuPont Pioneer for research into the development of corn bio-stimulants.

The research aims to create a product that protects and maximizes corn yield, according to Evogene. The company uses a biological computational platform that uses algorithms to predict microbials that can affect corn yield. The process changes from product to product, according to Nir Zalik, investor and public relations manager of Evogene. Generally, the platform will be tested on model plants and then in fields, followed by partnering for testing in larger fields, and finally a regulations process, Zalik said. “Some products need more testing, others less.

“Hopefully, this will allow more yield in corn using microbial strains without genetically modifying the corn” Zalik said. “We believe that the fact we bring to the table microbial strains that have been already discovered puts this cooperation in a good starting point, leaving it with testing and regulation.”

Through the collaboration, DuPont will provide access to its extensive seed treatment application technology and product development expertise.

“DuPont is one of the largest world companies in the seed business, and specifically in corn,” Zalik said. “DuPont has many years of experience with bringing new products to market and has relevant knowledge in developing new products.”