Vertimass completes intermediate technology validation with DOE

By Vertimass LLC | August 23, 2017

Vertimass LLC recently announced completion of intermediate technology validation from the U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technology Office, which verified performance against negotiated milestones, provided progress on scale-up, and reviewed Vertimass' estimated cost for their transformative catalytic technology.

Vertimass believes this BETO verification paves the way for Vertimass to move to the demonstration scale of this important technology for converting sustainable ethanol into fungible gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel blend stocks and the chemical building blocks benzene, toluene, and xylene (BTX).  This new Vertimass pathway can enhance use of biomass-derived renewable fuels that lower greenhouse gas emissions and allow ethanol producers to expand their product portfolio to include renewable hydrocarbons, which are compatible with the existing fuels and chemicals infrastructure, as well as ethanol.

"We are excited to clear this critical scale-up milestone with the Department of Energy and look forward to moving our novel process closer to commercial reality," said Charles Wyman, Vertimass president and CEO.  "This technology allows ethanol producers the ability to virtually eliminate the ethanol blend wall that now impedes market growth for sustainable fuels, and to produce renewable hydrocarbons. The result can be significant expansion in production of renewable fuels and chemicals while maintaining a low greenhouse gas footprint in the process."

According to Chief Operating Officer John Hannon, one of the major advantages of Vertimass technology is the low capital cost to ethanol producers. He added, "These systems can be added to existing ethanol producers' facilities at fractions of the cost of a new facility while providing product flexibility that can adapt to changing market conditions. Producers can capitalize on the value this novel technology brings to the market." CEO Wyman added, "The Vertimass technology avoids significant implementation costs usually associated with scaling up technologies by working with our scale-up experienced partner TechnipFMC to leverage their catalytic scale-up facilities and expertise."

Vertimass Chairman Bill Shopoff also comments, "By breaking through the ethanol blend wall, this technology opens the door for massive job creation ranging from corn and cellulosic feedstock collection and logistics supply, to plant construction and operation."