USDA: Corn use for ethanol up year-over-year in September

By Erin Voegele | November 15, 2017

The USDA recently released the November edition of its Grain Crushings and Co-Products Production report, noting corn consumed for fuel alcohol reached 448 million bushels in September, down 7 percent from August, but up 3 percent when compared to September 2016. Approximately 89.8 percent of this corn was consumed for dry milling fuel production, with the remaining 10.2 percent consumed for wet milling fuel production.

Approximately 2.39 million hundredweight (cwt) (133,896 tons) of sorghum was consumed for fuel alcohol production in September, down from 3.73 million cwt in August and 2.53 million cwt in September 2016.

At dry mills, condensed distillers solubles production reached 135,052 tons in September, up from 133,909 tons in August, but down from 146,764 tons in September of the previous year. Corn oil production reached 149,785 tons, down from 160,413 tons in August, but up from 134,269 tons the previous September. Distillers dried grains production reached 454,220 tons, down from 472,705 tons in August, but up from 398,124 tons in September 2016. Distillers dried grains with solubles production reached 1.85 million tons, down from 2.06 million tons in August and 1.96 million tons during the same month of last year. Distillers wet grains production reached 1.28 million tons, down from 1.35 million tons in August, but up from 1.19 million tons in September 2016. Modified distillers wet grains production reached 416,482 tons, down from 431,072 tons in August, but up from 375,641 tons in September of last year.

At wet mills, corn germ meal production reached 85,798 tons in September, up from 65,045 tons in August and 54,996 tons in September 2016. Corn gluten feed production reached 321,506 tons, down from 367,666 tons in August and 326,211 tons in September of last year. Corn gluten meal production reached 87,322 tons, down from 92,823 tons in August and 86,725 tons in September 2016. Wet corn gluten feed production reached 279,654 tons, down from 325,580 tons in August 2017and 303,504 tons in September of last year.

At wet and dry mill facilities, 213,652 tons of carbon dioxide was captured in September, down from 225,061 tons in August and up slightly from 213,022 tons captured during the previous September.