Whitefox successfully starts up ICE system at E Energy Adams

By Whitefox Technologies Ltd. | May 16, 2019

Whitefox Technologies Ltd. is proud to announce its sixth successful start-up of its Whitefox ICE system at E Energy Adams in Adams, Nebraska. This is Whitefox's first installation in Nebraska, which takes the number of states that Whitefox's ICE solution is operating in to five.

E Energy Adams is an original 50 million-gallon ICM designed ethanol plant that began operations in 2007.  Since then they have continuously worked to improve the efficiency of the plant and have also greatly increased their capacity. E Energy Adams is the seventh highest producing plant in Nebraska. The Whitefox ICE system is sized to produce 75,000 gallons/day of 200 proof by taking various recycle streams from the current plant, including the molecular sieve regenerate stream.

Carl Sitzmann, CEO at E Energy Adams, stated, "We were searching for a way to increase our capacity without having to add a whole new distillation system.  The Whitefox's ICE system was the answer.  Their membrane technology allowed us to increase our dehydration capacity and improve our energy efficiency at the same time."

Whitefox's CEO, Gillian Harrison, said, "Working with Carl Sitzmann and the E Energy Adams team has been a positive experience for all of us at Whitefox.  This was our largest installation to date and our teams worked closely to deliver this project. It helped that Carl had previous experience of membrane technology from other industries and his vision aligned with ours, which is to use technology to continuously improve operations, profitability and sustainability. Together we are helping to produce environmentally friendly, high performance fuel and add value to the local rural economy."

Nebraska is home to 25 ethanol plants and is the second largest ethanol producing state in the country, with the capacity to produce more than 2.5 billion gallons.  According to the Nebraska Ethanol Board, these ethanol plants represent a $5 billion economic impact in the state and provide direct full-time employment for more than 1,300 Nebraskans.  Geographic position, abundant ethanol supply and reliable, competitive rail transportation gives Nebraska strategic advantage in serving ethanol markets in the western U.S.