Husker Ag to produce 1 billionth gallon of ethanol in May

By Husker Ag | May 23, 2019

Husker Ag started production in 2003 as a Fagen ICM 20-million-gallon plant located in Plainview, Nebraska.

In 2007 the company expanded by adding an ICM 40-million-gallon plant. Today after a series of ongoing efficiency and expansion projects, the company is proudly producing over 300,000 gallons per day of American ethanol.

Husker Ag’s General Manager, Seth Harder, has this to say, “ I couldn’t be more proud of the work that the staff has delivered over the last 3 years to achieve the goals set forth by the Board of Directors to increase gallons, improve our yield and lower our energy per gallon. Hitting the billionth gallon mark is just the type of milestone achievement that commemorates all our hard work. I’m very proud to have been a part of this company since 2002.”

Board President, Robert Brummels, adds "Speaking on behalf of the board of directors and the owners of the company, we are very grateful to the employees for their hard work and commitment to the company.  We are happy that we have provided the owners of the company with a great return on the dollars they invested in Husker Ag.  We are proud that we have provided the local corn producers with a better price for their grain than they might have had without a local end user of corn and we thank them for their patronage.  We are grateful to the local livestock producers for buying the distillers grain.  We are delighted that we have provided local motorists with a clean burning environment friendly fuel, that decreases the cost of filling the tank.  We look forward to many more years of being an economic stimulus to northeast Nebraska.”

Husker Ag produces 110 million gallons of Ethanol, 36 million pounds of Distillers Corn Oil and over half a million tons of Distillers Grains from 36 million bushels of corn per year.