FQT launches new DCO+ corn oil separation technology

By Fluid Quip Technologies, | April 29, 2022

Fluid Quip Technologies, a majority owned subsidiary of Green Plains Inc., today unveiled DCO+, a new technology to achieve record-high low-carbon renewable corn oil recovery in drygrind biofuel facilities. A recent full-scale demonstration of DCO+ at Green Plains Wood River achieved a breakthrough 1.4 pounds per bushel low-carbon renewable corn oil yield when integrated in a full MSC system. As a standalone system, DCO+ can achieve up to a 40 percent increase in overall production of corn oil. FQT will offer this valuable solution to other biofuel plants throughout the industry.

DCO+ utilizes FQT’s patented technologies to liberate additional distillers corn oil from the fiber fraction in the distillers grains. The DCO+ technology was born from FQT’s patented MSC protein separation system and is integral to the high corn oil yields those systems produce.

“This new renewable corn oil capture technology comes from years of experience operating our MSC systems and is an immediate game changer for Green Plains and for the industry,” said Michael Franko, managing director, Fluid Quip Technologies. “With DCO+, independent plants looking for low-cost revenue enhancing projects can take advantage of up to 40 percent more corn oil, a valuable low-carbon feedstock for the rapidly expanding renewable diesel industry.”

Benefits of DCO+ include:

    •Up to 40 percent additional corn oil recovery

    •Thin stillage clarification

    •Organic acid reduction/healthier fermentation <

    •Lower suspended solids in evaporator stream

    •Performance guarantees

FQT is now offering this game-changing technology package broadly to the industry.