Raizen announces plans for 2 new cellulosic ethanol projects

By Erin Voegele | May 12, 2022

Brazil-based energy company Raizen announced on May 11 that its board has approved plans to invest R$2 billion ($389.8 million) in the development of two cellulosic ethanol plants that will be located in São Paul.

The two facilities are expected to produce 164,000 cubic meters (43.32 million gallons) of cellulosic ethanol annually, with production currently scheduled to begin in 2024.

The two new facilities will be the third and fourth cellulosic ethanol plants developed by Raizen. The company began operations at its first cellulosic ethanol facility in 2015. That plant has an annual capacity of 34,000 cubic meters per year. The company's second cellulosic ethanol plant is currently under construction and expected to begin operations next year. That facility will have an annual production capacity of 82,000 cubic meters per year. The two additional plants announced on May 11 will boost the company’s overall cellulosic ethanol production capacity to 280,000 cubic meters per year.  

A full copy of Raizen’s announcement is available on the company’s website