Direvo scales up BluZy-D, BluZy-P enzyme trials with ISU

By Erin Voegele | December 27, 2012

Germany-based enzyme developer Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH has announced the successful scale-up of its BluZy-D and BluZy-P enzymes. Lab-scale and pilot-scale trials to test the effects of the technology on ethanol production were completed in collaboration with the Center for Crops Utilization Research and the BioCentury Research Farm at Iowa State University.

According to Direvo, its BluZy-D enzyme can substantially improve the nutritional value of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). The enzyme is added after the ethanol fermentation process. In October, the company announced that feeding trials using enzyme modified DDGS were set to begin.

The scale-up work at ISU is being led by Larry Johnson, CCUR and BCRF director. Information released by Direvo notes that the Johnson’s team processed samples of the enzyme-modified DDGS and unmodified DDGs to make analytical and nutritional comparisons.

“The pilot-scale facilities for dry-grind ethanol production at BCRF offered Direvo the ideal opportunity to test this new and unique technology prior to full-scale production,” said Klaudija Milos, vice president business unit industrial solutions at Direvo in a statement. “Our recent project results demonstrate the validity of our technologies and the economic benefit for two large industries in the US, ethanol and animal production.”

Researchers at BCRF also evaluated BluZy-P. According to Direvo, the enzyme was found to improve process efficiency of ethanol at multiple steps and significantly simplified back-end oil separation.