IRFA: Baxter has driven around the world two times on E15

By Iowa Renewable Fuels Association | April 11, 2013

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association has announced that after a month of E15 sales at Kountry Korner, Baxter residents have successfully driven the equivalent of more than two trips around the world on E15. Kountry Korner began offering E15 as a registered fuel for 2001 and newer vehicles on March 8, 2013.

“Since offering E15 as a registered fuel, I’ve seen more and more use of the fuel every day,” stated Kountry Korner Owner Bryan DeJong. “E15 has brought in many new customers to my store who are in search of lower-cost, more homegrown fueling options. The consumer response to the fuel has been very positive and I anticipate our E15 sales to continue to grow in the coming weeks.”

 “E15 has been priced at an average of almost 20 cents cheaper than regular gasoline and the response in Baxter has been quite positive,” said IRFA Managing Director Lucy Norton. “Retailers around the state should take notice that there is a real demand for cleaner, more homegrown E15, and consumers wishing to have access to this less expensive option should ask their local fuel retailers to offer E15.”

Kountry Korner is located in central Iowa at 312 E. Buchanan Street in Baxter. E15, a blend of gasoline and 15 percent ethanol, can be used by all 2001 and newer passenger vehicles and all flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).  Those vehicles account for 85 percent of fuel use in the United States.  In order to offer E15 to the non-FFVs, a retailer must register with the EPA.  IRFA works with retailers to ensure they follow all federal and state E15 regulations.

Retailers interested in installing a blender pump to offer E15, E85, and other ethanol blends can apply for a grant from the Iowa Department of Agriculture. The IRFA provides assistance in the application process.