Administration’s Commitment to Biofuels On Display at Growth Energy Biofuels Summit

Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy

October 17, 2023

BY Emily Skor



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New Get Biofuel campaign: Nature will thank you for choosing Unleaded 88

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By Growth Energy

June 21, 2024


Growth Energy new ad campaign invites consumers across the Midwest to lower their emissions and their costs by picking Unleaded 88 at the fuel pump. The campaign lets drivers know that “nature will thank you” for choosing Unleaded 88.

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Carbon Clean and AGRA Industries have signed an MOU to provide Carbon Clean’s semi-modular CaptureX technology to companies in agriculture-related sectors, including the production of biofuel, ethanol and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

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The use of carbon-14 analysis for measuring the biogenic carbon content of biomass-derived fuels.

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The U.S. EPA on May 22 approved an efficient producer pathway for Louis Dreyfus Co.’s corn ethanol plant located in Grand Junction, Iowa. The approval allows the facility to generate RINs under the RFS for non-grandfathered volumes of ethanol.

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On the heels of continued growth in E85 volumes, General Motors has certified new flex fuel vehicles (FFVs) for the 2025 model year. FFVs can use gasoline, E85 or any blend of the two, according to Pearson Fuels.

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