North Dakota PUC denies siting permit for Summit’s CO2 pipeline project

August 8, 2023

BY Erin Voegele



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Not Giving Up On the Necessary

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September 21, 2023

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We all know corn ethanol can someday attain carbon neutrality, but not without credit for low-carbon farming, and certainly not without sequestering our fermentation CO2.

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Carbon capture efforts in North Dakota and the greater ethanol industry showcase the current and long-term vision of the U.S. DOE’s carbon management team.

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On Sept. 11, the pipeline permit application for Summit Carbon Solutions was denied by the South Dakota PUC. SCS respects the decision, plans to refile, and is reinforcing its commitment to South Dakotans and the state’s ethanol and SAF industries.

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A conversation with Bruce Rastetter about his history in agriculture and ethanol production, as well as the transformative potential of CCS.

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The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on Aug. 31 approved the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement for a portion of Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed CO2 pipeline project that spans approximately 28 miles in two of the state’s counties.

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