DDGS Already a Proven Ingredient in Aquafeeds

September 18, 2014

BY Kurt A. Rosentrater



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Ethanol industry submits joint comments seeking permanent removal of Brazilian tariff on imported US ethanol

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By Renewable Fuels Association, Growth Energy and the U.S. Grains Council

April 11, 2024


The Renewable Fuels Association, U.S. Grains Council and Growth Energy in April jointly submitted comments within the Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) regarding the Brazilian tariff on imported U.S. ethanol.

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The U.S Energy Information Administration increased its forecast for 2024 fuel ethanol production in its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, released April 9. The 2024 and 2025 forecasts for fuel ethanol blending were reduced.

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Dead Wrong About E85

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By Geoff Cooper

April 09, 2024

While some critics wrote off E85 years ago as a “dead fuel,” the blend is alive and kicking. In fact, E85 has never been more popular with drivers of flex fuel vehicles (FFVs), with record sales reported last year in both California and Minnesota.

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As part of its efforts to promote decarbonization, the U.S. Grains Council is increasing its focus on market opportunities for ethanol outside the transportation sector.

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The University of Missouri’s FAPRI in March released a report featuring 10-year baseline projections for U.S. agricultural markets that predicts a modest increase in ethanol production and lower corn prices over the next decade.

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