EPA: No new SREs filed, 3 SRE petitions remain pending

July 21, 2022

BY Erin Voegele



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EIA: Ethanol production down 3%, stocks down 1%, exports down 23%

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By Erin Voegele

2 hours ago


U.S. fuel ethanol production fell by 3% the week ending April 19, according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on April 24. Stocks of fuel ethanol were down 1% and exports fell by 23%.

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Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen on April 24 signed a legislative package that includes a tax credit to support the production of SAF within the state. The tax credit applies to eligible SAF that achieves at least a 50% GHG emissions reduction.

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A coalition of 36 biofuel producers, ag groups, airlines and other SAF stakeholders on April 24 sent a letter to Agriculture Committee leaders in the House and Senate urging them to provide support for SAF in the upcoming Farm Bill.

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Vertimass on April 23 announced that the U.S. EPA has approved registration for blending up to 20% of Vertimass green gasoline with conventional gasoline. This new renewable gasoline product, VertiGas20, is made from renewable ethanol.

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The USDA on April 23 awarded more than $43 million in grants through the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program to support projects that will increase the availability of domestic biofuels in 15 states.

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