RFA disputes study on climate change impacts on corn production

June 5, 2013

BY Erin Voegele



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Continuum Ag launches billion bushel challenge

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By Continuum Ag

November 22, 2023


With an estimated 6 billion bushels being used for ethanol production next year, Continuum Ag has set their sights on helping the industry SCORE (Carbon Intensity Score) over a billion bushels in 2024.

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The USDA raised its forecast for 2023-’24 corn use in ethanol production by 25 million bushels in its latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, released Nov. 9. The agency also reduced its forecasted corn price.

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The USDA has announced 2023 corn production for grain is currently forecast at a record high 15.2 billion bushels, up 1 percent from the agency’s October forecast, according to the USDA’s Nov. 9 Crop Production report.

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As the era of high-tech corn receiving coalesces with the rise of 2-million-plus-bushel grain bins, ethanol plants are becoming known for feedstock receiving and storage systems that are fast, efficient and massive.

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UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, has announced that both sugarcane processing and ethanol production were up during the first half of October. Ethanol sales were also up when compared to the same period of last year.

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