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Redfield Energy, LLC

38650 171st Street

Redfield, 57469


[email protected]


Redfield Energy, LLC, is a dry mill plant that has the capacity to process approximately 22 million bushels of corn into ethanol per year. The plant produces approximately 230,000 tons of modified wet and dried distillers grain, which is sold to the local and west coast markets.

Redfield Energy, LLC

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Redfield Energy, LLC

Maintenance Technician / Welder

POSTED BY: Redfield Energy, LLC

1. Coordinate work functions with fellow team members and other departments within Redfield Energy. 2. Operate, repair, and maintain all plant equipment and rolling stock. 3. Be aware of and discuss any problems or unsafe conditions with the management team. 4. Strive for maximum efficiency and safety in plant operations, trouble shoot and work with all employees. 5. Learn the plant process for a better understanding of how the equipment is utilized. 6. Be willing to take on call rotation of 24/7 for one full week of rotation and be willing to work weekends, extended hours and different shifts when needed. 7. Perform all tasks associated with feed safety/quality, assigned or as needed, to meet internal and external requirements relating to the production of safe, quality feed products. 8. Work in an honest and ethical manner and maintain confidentiality on all business related matters. 9. Physically report to work on time at the assigned location and seldom absent. 10. Complete work in a timely, accurate and thorough manner and is conscientious about assignments. 11. Maintain a team environment with other departments at all times. 12. Champion Redfield Energy in the community. 13. Maintain a high level of customer service and friendly atmosphere. 14. Other duties as assigned.
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