Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Verenium introduces new enzyme

Verenium Corp. announced the introduction of Xylathin, a highly active enzyme designed to significantly improve the economics of fuel ethanol production from cereal grains. Xylathin rapidly breaks down xylan, a compound found in cereal grains such as wheat, rye and barley and significantly reduces mash viscosity. This faster acting enzyme allows producers to shorten retention times and reduce enzyme dose. Xylathin also reduces grain water retention lowering grain drying energy requirements.READ MORE

Big-name companies at work in Brazil

Several prominent fuel companies are working on partnerships in Brazil to produce ethanol and build pipelines. The most recent news came from Shell International Petroleum Company Limited and Cosan S.A. The two companies signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding last week to form a $12 billion joint venture in Brazil for the production of ethanol and other related activities. Other big-name companies have announced plans to build pipelines to transport ethanol, including Petrobras, Japan's Mitsui Co. and real estate developer Camargo Correa S.A.READ MORE

WASDE: Ethanol corn use projected higher

USDA projected corn use for ethanol 100 million bushels higher for the current marketing year in its monthly World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report released Feb. 9. The increase in corn use for ethanol reflects the latest ethanol production data from the Energy Information Agency.READ MORE

North Carolina opens first ethanol plant

Clean Burn Fuels LLC, North Carolina's first corn based ethanol plant, is only eight weeks away from first grind. After two years of construction, the Dudarrach, N.C. plant, will produce 60 MMgy of ethanol and 175,000 tons of DDG for pig, chicken and cow feed.READ MORE

Pennsylvania ethanol plant now producing

Bionol Clearfield LLC, a 110 MMgy ethanol plant in Clearfield, Pa., is up and running, according to Roger Schmidt, general manager. The plant was undergoing performance testing on Feb. 8. "We are at or near 100 percent right now," he said.READ MORE

California association refuses E85 funds

The Southern California Association of Governments declined an $11 million federal grant aimed at expanding ethanol fueling stations. The federal stimulus money was intended for 55 new ethanol fuel stations but SCAG referred to concerns ranging from environmental issues to grant application procedure as reasons for refusing the grant.READ MORE

California fueling infrastructure moves forward

Two California companies recently announced they received funding to expand E85 fuel infrastructure in that state. Propel Inc., or Propel Fuels, raised $20 million in equity funding while DMC Green Inc. was granted two DOE grants totaling $400,000.READ MORE
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