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October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

GPRE surpasses expectations, revenue soars

Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc., the fourth largest ethanol producer in the U.S. at nearly 480 MMgy from six plants, exceeded expected production capacity for the fourth quarter ending in December, boosting total revenue for the quarter to $436.7 million in 2009, up from $183.2 million in 2008.READ MORE

Growth Energy adds six new members

Growth Energy, the coalition of U.S. ethanol supporters, welcomed six new ethanol producers to its growing list of members. Cardinal Ethanol, Carbon Green Bioenergy LLC, Tharaldson, Redfield Energy LLC, Advanced Bio Energy LLC, and Corn Plus will join Growth Energy's team of 55 Plant Members and 34 Associate Members to help expand the production of domestic ethanol as a means to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and create American jobs at home.READ MORE

BlueFire applies for DOE loan guarantee

BlueFire Ethanol Fuels Inc. recently applied for a $250 million loan guarantee for its cellulosic ethanol biorefinery in Fulton, Miss. The company wants to build two cellulosic ethanol facilities, one at Fulton and the second near Lancaster, Calif., according to a press release.READ MORE

Waste Management invests in Enerkem

Canadian cellulosic ethanol producer Enerkem Inc. has attracted a new investor—North American waste and environmental services giant Waste Management Inc. Enerkem announced the closing of a new round of financing—CDN $53.8 million (U.S. $50.9 million)—which comes from the company's existing institutional investors Rho Ventures, Braemar Energy Ventures and BDR Capital, as well as first-time investors Waste Management and Cycle Capital.READ MORE

American Process Inc. establishes pilot plant

American Process Inc. (API), an Atlanta, Ga., based company, held a ribbon cutting ceremony this week at its pilot plant. It will utilize a trademarked process, called American Value Added Pulping (AVAP), to fractionate wood for cellulosic ethanol production, according to Bob Belling, vice president of business development.READ MORE

Lignol, Novozymes team up

Vancourver-based Lignol Energy Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding with enzyme giant Novozymes and the two companies have established the framework of a multiyear collaboration agreement to optimize the latest generation of Novozymes' enzymes for use in Lignol's cellulosic biofuel process.READ MORE

Mansfield Oil to aid Permeate expansion

Mansfield Oil Co. and C&N Co. have signed with Permeate Refining Inc. to market and advise the Hopkinton, Iowa, based advanced biofuel and fuel additive producer. Permeate processes waste byproducts, mainly de-lactose permeate, but currently plans to develop the capability to use waste streams from the citrus, sweetened beverage and beet pulp industries.READ MORE

Land O'Lakes to market Osage barley DDGS

Osage Bio Energy, a biofuels producer based in Virginia, has partnered with Land O'Lakes Purina Feed to market a new coproduct made from its barley-to-ethanol operations. Appomattox Bio Energy in Hopewell, Va., the first commercial scale barley-to-ethanol plant in the U.S., will be completed in late spring and when it's done, Osage will begin marketing the distillers grains coproduct as barley protein meal (BPM).READ MORE

Protec expands E85 in southern states

The funding for E85 infrastructure is reaching further south, this time creating 30 new fueling stations spread out through Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Protec Fuel LLC, a Florida-based company specializing in ethanol programs, recently received funding from the U.S. DOE and announced in February that 18 of the 30 awarded sites are already finished or currently under construction. Partnering with Urbieta Oil, the Renewable Fuels Association, the U.S. Clean Cities Coalitions, and General Motors, Protec says its main goal is to get the E85 infrastructure into the highest use areas.READ MORE

CARB forms expert workgroup on ILUC

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has appointed 30 people to an expert workgroup that met for the first time Feb. 26. The workgroup will look at, among other things, indirect land use change (ILUC) as included in the state's low carbon fuel standard (LCFS). Notably, there is one ethanol producer representative from Poet LLC and a representative from enzyme-maker Novozymes.READ MORE
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