Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

International Biomass Conference & Expo: Panelists talk policy priorities

Biomass Magazine's International Biomass Conference & Expo drew about 1,700 people and nearly 300 exhibitors to the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis May 4-6.READ MORE

Details to come on advanced biofuel funds

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA is planning to accept applications for the Biorefinery Assistance Program, Repowering Assistance Program and the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels. Details on how to apply will be released later this week in the Federal Register.READ MORE

CN recognizes ethanol producers for safety

Several ethanol producers were among 110 companies receiving Safe Handling Awards from the Canadian National Railway Company. CN service spans Canada and a large portion of mid-America.READ MORE

Auto industry, ADM comment on E15

With the U.S. EPA expected to rule on the E15 waiver sometime this summer, the battle between those that advocate higher blends of ethanol and those that don't is heating up. In the space of two days, the auto and oil industries urged caution on the pending decision on the use of E15 and an Archer Daniels Midland executive advocated going to E11 or E12 for "smoother implementation on the way to higher blend levels."READ MORE

Oil, EPA don't mix at energy hearings

In his April 28 testimony to the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, Charles Drevna, president of the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association, warned subcommittee members not to financially pressure the domestic oil industry through clean energy policies. "I don't believe Congress wants to over-tax or over-regulate the industry into extinction, only to see them replaced by their foreign competitors exporting their products to our shores," he said. "But make no mistake: Overzealous policies could have disastrous effects and become a self-inflicted wound as our country struggles to climb out of the Great Recession," he added.READ MORE

Ford to double US FFV fleet

Ford Motor Co. will double the number of 2010 model year flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) produced in the U.S. Following a pledge in 2006 to increase the number of FFV's, a year in which Ford produced 185,000 FFV's, Ford will make roughly 370,000 light duty vehicles capable of using E85 blends by year's end. In 2012, the car manufacturer also hopes to expand its U.S. fleet of FFV's to 50 percent of production.READ MORE

Third-party review deadline pushed back for grandfathered plants until Dec 31, 2010

The RFS2 registration deadline for ethanol facilities may be coming too quick for grandfathered plants. The July 1 date that calls for a completed third-party engineering review has been pushed back by the U.S. EPA, giving plants that commenced construction before Dec. 18 2007, until Dec. 31 2010, to finish the engineering reviews. In April, the EPA the information on the "Questions and Answers on Changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS2)" section of their renewable Web page.READ MORE
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