Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Novozymes and Ceres partner on biofuel crops

Energy crop company Ceres Inc. and Novozymes have entered a research collaboration to co-develop customized plant varieties and enzyme cocktails for the production of cellulosic biofuel. The companies expect to improve the process of converting biomass to fuel through more effective enzymes and higher quality energy crops in a joint optimization project that will lead to greater fuel yields, as well as lower capital and operating costs.READ MORE

DOE recognizes Corn Plus for energy savings

Corn Plus, a 49 MMgy ethanol plant located near Winnebago, Minn., was recently recognized for outstanding energy efficiency by the U.S. DOE.READ MORE

Abengoa honored with ‘Edie award' in Illinois

The Abengoa ethanol plant that started up early this year is one of six Illinois companies awarded an Economic Development in Illinois Award—better known as an Edie Award. The company invested $256 million to build an 88 MMgy corn ethanol plant in the Tri-City Port District in Madison, Ill.READ MORE

Cellulosic biorefinery opens in Finland

Chempolis Ltd., a biofuels producer and developer based in Finland, has opened a biorefinery in Oulu, Finland. After completing test runs on the production of non-wood and non-food cellulosic ethanol in April, the company opened their facility with the Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen, in attendance. Addressing the crowd at the opening, Chairman for Chempolis Matti Sundberg said, "We invited you here today to witness the production of biofuel using Chempolis' formicobio technology."READ MORE

Consumer survey shows support for cutting oil

A Consumer Federation of America (CFA) survey, conducted a month before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, shows that Americans support reducing oil consumption and more stringent fuel economy standards. The results of the CFA commissioned survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., were released this week—on the same day Congress started hearings on the oil spill.READ MORE

Wisconsin passes ethanol bill

The "ethanol bill" has been signed into law by Gov. Jim Doyle of Wisconsin. Senate Bill 279 streamlines the process for the management, development and research of biofuels. State Rep. Scott Suder-R., who worked on the bill with State Sen. Scott Kreitlow-D., said Wisconsin needs the bill for jobs, for the environment and to make the state competitive in the renewable energy sector.READ MORE

U.S. ethanol exports: New markets mean missed opportunities for domestic market

Ethanol exports have boomed in recent months, with shipments destined for dozens of energy-thirsty nations around the globe, including some in the Middle East. The United States has been a net importer of ethanol for the last decade, but the nation is quickly evolving into a net exporter. While this is welcomed news to an industry looking for new markets, it serves to undermine the fundamental value of America's ethanol industry as a domestic replacement for imported oil. A new analysis from the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) seeks to put this recent trend into context.READ MORE

Investment Act would boost advanced biofuels

Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin on May 20 announced the introduction of the Advanced Biofuel Investment Act of 2010. Representative Paul Hodes of New Hampshire is an original cosponsor of the legislation. The legislation will help to ensure the nation meets the ambitious advanced biofuels mandate of 21 billion gallons by 2022 set out in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) enacted in 2007.READ MORE
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