Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

eBIO welcomes EC sustainability, certification guidelines

The European Commission officially published its implementation guidelines June 10 for the EU biofuels sustainability scheme. Any decision on whether to incorporate indirect land use effects, however, will not be made until later this year when a comprehensive report on the issue is due.READ MORE

Great Lakes Bioenergy Center gets $50 million

Michigan State University and the University of Wisconsin have received $50 million in funding for the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center. The Center, a co-hosted facility between the two universities, received the funding from the U.S. DOE. The main goal of the center is to improve second generation biofuel feedstocks for ethanol production, including everything from genetic improvement of the biomass, processing technologies and environmental sustainability.READ MORE

LPP Combustion converts ethanol into gas

LPP Combustion LLC, a Maryland-based liquid fuel technology provider, has created a system that converts liquid ethanol into a substitute natural gas called LLP gas (Lean Premixed PreVaporized). The system combines heat, nitrogen and a 90 percent ethanol and ten percent water mix, within a customized vaporizer. The result is an "on-demand" fuel source capable of powering a micro turbine up to a mega turbine, according to Chris Broemmelsiek, vice president of sales and marketing for LLP Combustion.READ MORE

ICM receives $31 million for cellulosic facility

ICM Inc. has signed a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. DOE to receive $25 million to fund the construction and operation of its cellulosic ethanol pilot and demonstration facility in St. Joseph, Mo. ICM will modify its existing dry fractionation grain-to-ethanol pilot plant located at LifeLine Foods LLC, in St. Joseph, to produce fuel ethanol from captive corn fiber and two high-impact cellulosic feedstocks, switchgrass and energy sorghum. ICM's strategy of co-locating the cellulosic biorefinery with its existing grain-to-ethanol pilot biorefinery will efficiently accelerate pilot-scale operations and improve process economics.READ MORE

Lawsuits against EPA have challenge ahead

Groups like the Clean Air Task Force and the Friends of the Earth are likely going to have a tough time convincing the courts to side against the U.S. EPA, according to Graham Noyes, an attorney for Stoel Rives LLP, who focuses on representing biofuels companies. The allegations drive at the agency's methodology for assessing greenhouse gas (GHG)—and it's really the first time a U.S. agency has tried to do that in this kind of comprehensive manner. "This was obviously a very controversial issue during the rulemaking, it's technically very complicated," he told EPM. "I think, so long as the EPA is making good faith efforts to uphold the statues, it's going to be upheld."READ MORE

Scoular plans ethanol distribution terminal

The Scoular Company, a supplier of agricultural products to the renewable fuels industry, announced today that it will begin construction of an ethanol transload facility in Ogden, Utah. The operation will provide a ready source of ethanol for gasoline blenders in Utah and surrounding states.READ MORE

Advanced Biofuels Workshop, June 14 in St. Louis, offers solid agenda

The Advanced Biofuels Workshop, a one-day event, will take place June 14 in St. Louis at the America's Center—and the panel and speaker lineup is solid. The event starts out with a keynote address from the president of the Advanced Biofuels Association, Michael McAdams, who will discuss the nature of advanced biofuels and some of the strong policy initiatives underway.READ MORE
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