Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

GreenShift reaches restructuring agreement

GreenShift Corp. today announced its execution of a series of agreements with YA Global Investments L.P. to reduce and restructure GreenShift's convertible debt to YA Global.READ MORE

GTL Resources' revenue nearly doubles

GTL Resources, the company that owns and operates Illinois River Energy LLC, reported revenue of $216.6 million in the fiscal year that ended March 31. That's a 49 percent increase from the previous year's total of $145.5 million.READ MORE

Hawkeye Renewables emerges from bankruptcy

Hawkeye Renewables LLC has announced the completion of a reorganization plan, and emerged from bankruptcy. Producing roughly 225 MMgy from the combination of corn-based ethanol plants in Iowa Falls, Iowa and Fairbank, Iowa the announcement came only seven months after Hawkeye Renewables initially filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. Hawkeye Energy Holdings LLC, which no longer owns the Iowa Falls and Fairbank plants, will continue managing the Hawkeye Renewables facilities, including its subsidiary, Hawkeye Gold LLC.READ MORE

USDA releases corn-ethanol industry report showing improving energy efficiency

USDA's Chief Economist Joseph Glauber today announced the publication of a report by the Office of Energy Policy and New Uses that surveyed corn growers for the year 2005 and ethanol plants in 2008, which indicates the net energy gain from converting corn to ethanol is improving in efficiency. The survey asked ethanol producers to respond to questions about ethanol yield (undenatured) per bushel of corn and energy used in the plants. The 2008 updates presented in the report recorded the effects of current practices used by corn producers and ethanol processors.READ MORE

Calif.'s AB 32 fate set for November

The fate of California's Assembly Bill 32 (AB 32) will face a tough test in November. The controversial law, which requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas levels back to 1990 levels by 2020, has met opposition from many in the energy sector due to concerns both over the economic impact and the negative situation an independent state-specific approach might create. After 800,000 signed a petition to suspend the law, a move that required only 435,000, November voters will determine the future of the bill. Many in the state label AB 32 a "job killer."READ MORE

USDA releases roadmap for biofuels

The USDA has released a report titled, "USDA Biofuels Strategic Production Report." The 21-page report offers a regional roadmap to meeting biofuels goals of the RFS2 by 2022, and states, "USDA's objectives for this report include: providing the practical knowledge from the field that can enhance various models for biofuel production, identify challenges and opportunities and help develop solutions to this massive undertaking."READ MORE

Fuel dispensers get UL certification for E85

It's a milestone many in the industry have been waiting for. Two companies, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Dresser Wayne, have received official Underwriter's Laboratory certification for company-specific E85 fuel dispensers.READ MORE
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