Rumors fly as Pa ethanol plant goes into hot idle for summer

As the only commercial-scale ethanol plant in Pennsylvania, Bionol Clearfield LLC attracted a lot of media attention when it went into hot idle in early June.

Debate over corn use estimates shows need for solid ethanol data

For the first time, the USDA predicts that more corn will be used for ethanol production than for feed - suggesting that 5 billion bushels of the 2010 - '11 corn crop will be used for feed while 5.05 billion bushels are destined for ethanol plants.

Western Wisconsin Energy, 55 MMgy ethanol plant, up for grabs

After several months of exploring options, the board of directors of Western Wisconsin Energy LLC has elected to sell the Boyceville, Wis., plant. Rather than an auction, the company is seeking a facilitated or negotiated sale.

Study explores replacing corn with energy grasses

An Energy Biosciences Institute study concludes that growing dedicated energy grasses on some corn acres could reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and transition the U.S. Midwest from being a net source of GHG emissions to a net sink.

Klobuchar: Oil industry should follow lead of biofuels industry

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar urged the petroleum industry to embrace the same reduction in tax credits and subsidies that the ethanol industry has agreed to as part of a compromise hammered out last week.

Obama addresses biofuels during virtual town hall meeting

President Barack Obama addressed the need to expedite the development of new, more efficient second-generation biofuel technologies during a recent town hall meeting held via Twitter. The event was hosted by Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

Codexis scales up tailored enzyme production

Biocatalyst development firm Codexis Inc. says it has begun the scale-up manufacturing of a prototype cellulase enzyme used to produce cellulosic biofuels and biochemicals at a fermentation and synthesis facility in Mexico.

EdeniQ signs deal to continue Cellunator improvements

EdeniQ Inc., which is developing technology to add cellulosic ethanol production capabilities to existing corn-to-ethanol facilities announced it has reached a deal with IKA Works Inc. to advance EdeniQ's front-end biomass conversion technology.

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