Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Aventine receives DIP funding

Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the District of Delaware on April 7. The company and certain holders of its 10 percent senior unsecured notes have agreed to a first priority secured debtor-in-possession (DIP) term loan totaling $30 million that will enable the company to continue to satisfy customary obligations associated with its ongoing operations.READ MORE

Minnesota auditor says shift funding from corn-based to cellulosic ethanol

The Office of the Legislative Auditor for the Minnesota state legislature has released a report titled "Biofuel Policies and Programs" that recommends the state should eliminate the producer payment program for corn-based ethanol and redirect those funds to other programs designed to reduce fossil fuel energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, including to programs to develop cellulosic ethanol.READ MORE

Coskata moves forward on U.S., international projects

llinois-based next-generation biofuels technology developer Coskata Inc. is moving forward with a number of potential opportunities in the southeastern U.S. and overseas, according to Wes Bolsen, chief marketing officer and vice president of business development for Coskata.READ MORE

EPA administrator says GHG findings will lead to clean energy future

After conducting extensive scientific review, the U.S. EPA has found that concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the Earth's atmosphere are at unprecedented levels and that human emissions are directly to blame for the increase. The agency also concluded that the levels of GHG are likely the cause of climate change and contribute to air pollution that may endanger public health.READ MORE

FEW: Call for award, scholarship nominations

BBI International is soliciting nominations for the 25th Annual International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo High Octane Award, the Award of Excellence, and FEW Scholarships. The awards and scholarship winners will be presented at the FEW in Denver on June 15-18.READ MORE

California Energy Commission to invest in ethanol

The Fuels and Transportation Division of the California Energy Commission recently released a draft Investment Plan for its Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. The program was developed under Assembly Bill 118 with the purpose of developing and deploying technologies that will transform California's fuel and vehicle types in order to help achieve the goals of the state's climate change policies.READ MORE

Communities ‘hopeful' waiting for WestLB's next move on ethanol plants

It has been several weeks since a group of lenders led by German financial giant WestLB AG won the bid to acquire two U.S. ethanol plants through VeraSun Energy Corp. bankruptcy proceedings. The group of lenders submitted a credit bid of $99 million to acquire ethanol plants in Bloomingburg, Ohio, and Linden, Ind., on March 18. However, WestLB has yet to close the deal. "We are still analyzing the situation," said Connie J. Kain, a spokesperson for WestLB in New York, N.Y.READ MORE

Valero to close on Albion ethanol plant this month, town waits

It may be the end of April before Texas-based petroleum refiner and marketer Valero Energy Corp. finalizes its acquisition of the VeraSun Energy Corp. ethanol plant in Albion, Neb., and another month before the ethanol plant is up and running again, but steam coming from the plant's stacks would be a welcome sight for members of this central Nebraska community.READ MORE

EPA to open comment period on E15 waiver request; ACE circulates petition

The U.S. EPA is seeking public comments on the E15 waiver application that was submitted by Growth Energy and 54 ethanol manufacturers on March 6. The comment period will be open for 30 days after the notice is published in the Federal Register. Current statute calls for the EPA to make a decision on the waiver within 270 days of receipt, which is Dec. 1.READ MORE

CBO report: Ethanol's role in increased food prices

A recently released Congressional Budget Office report, titled "The Impact of Ethanol Use on Food Prices and Greenhouse-Gas Emissions," found that while increased ethanol production did contribute to rising food prices between April 2007 and April 2008, high energy prices had a much more profound effect on the price of food.READ MORE
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